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Lynx Digital Evidence Photo Manager

Lynx is a proven tamperproof visual record system, an invaluable tool to manage all of your digital evidence

Lynx Photo Manager is a high-speed, searchable & secure database solution for your digital evidence photos used by government & law enforcement agencies world wide.

Designed to handle the toughest digital evidence photo needs, Lynx is dedicated to helping agencies use an affordable secure photo management software program for organizing photo evidence & managing cases more effectively.

• Authenticate images instantly & secure them in a single SQL database.

• Photos are encrypted & only accessible to users with permissions keeping your important visual evidence records from being altered, copied, mislabeled, deleted or lost.

• Have complete control of all user access to manage what features are available to each user or group.

• Securely upload images direct from squad cars into your database via the internet.

• Quickly find digital evidence within one case or across all cases.

• Send hyperlinks to the District Attorney or Prosecuting Attorney for on-going cases.

• Annotate your images with redline layers, voice, text, notes and custom search fields while keeping your original photos always safe.

• A tamper-proof audit trail shows the chain of custody of all your digital media from the moment it is acquired.

• Organize by date, case number or detailed description. Utilize user defined custom search fields, to ensure you get all thenecessary information on your evidence.

• Seamlessly integrate your images -using a simple hyperlink- into your RMS Record Management Systems, LIMS Laboratory Information Management System or any third party software program that accepts hyperlinks.

• Reduce time wasted searching, saving or archiving photos stored as individual picture files scattered across local, network or removable drives.

“I was concerned about finding a software product that would provide security that would stand up to challenges in court, allow for annotation of the images by our investigators and have flexible search capabilities.

I chose LYNX because I found no other product that matched its wealth of features.

Again, I can’t commend your company enough on a product that has proven so useful and indispensable to our agency.” 

-Kurt Murine, Orange County Sheriff Coroners Dept, Orange County, CA

Honored to help WTC Recovery Operation

Lynx was honored to help serve in the World Trade Center Recovery Operation.

See our letter of Reference from NYDDC & Criticom


Quickly Upload Photos to a Secure Database

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Quick Acquire/Web Acquire Tool for uploading photos

Pricing & Features

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Lynx featured in Evidence Technology Magazine


Are my digital evidence photos secure and tamperproof?

Can I quickly & easily annotate, file, manage, search, view, print, communicate, archive, maintain our digital images & media?

Can I "batch annotate" my digital media, annotate multiple, selected, or all images with the same information simultaneously?

Does the digital media have an audit trail which can be sorted & printed?

Can I mark up images with layers to draw attention to specific aspects of an image, but not modify, duplicate or tamper with the original?

Can I buy just the software without the need or cost of special hardware & or proprietary accessories in order to utilize the program or system?

Can I install the software on as many workstations as I'd like with complete control of what features & data will be available to each user or group without any additional cost?

These are just a few questions we get asked every day....our answer?


Lynx Photo Manager allows you to:

Control what data is viewed as well as features & functionality with a quick setup of users/groups 

Manage users & groups to control who can do what with photos & what cases they can see

Password protect a slide show so that you can share red-lined photo evidence via email

Seamlessly integrate digital photos, video and audio with RMS (record management systems)

Photos are encrypted & can't be viewed without Lynx Photo Manager with the correct username, password & security permissions

All digital media is securely stored in one 256 bit encrypted database (SQL) to insure that no matter where the photo goes you will know it is authentic

Imports all common photo, video, audio formats

Allows for batch annotation of all digital media

Imports audio annotation with photos if present

Print photos with any information needed including custom header, footer, notes, markups, captions, date/time, etc.

Set how many images per page to allow quick printing with an unlimited number of images

Quick Add allows you to instantly create a case for filing new media

Unlimited user defined search fields allows you to create custom tags for annotating media with information important to your agency which can be restricted or required (ie: investigator, location, weapon, etc.) 

Easy to deploy on workstations, servers, or stand alone applications & will auto-update workstations (if enabled) for effortless IT management

Automatically authenticates images/media every time it's accessed

Acquires all associated data with the images ie: meta/exif, camera make/model, zoom, GPS coordinates

Organize images ascending or descending order

Annotate images/media with all information individually or in groups (batch)

Search filters are unlimited & can be saved for later viewing

Search for anything within any date range across one, multiple, or all cases to find exactly what you need when you need it

Photos can be copied or moved from one case to another if needed

Export images individually or in groups to be used with other applications while still keeping your original data safe & secure including photo markups

Copy/paste photos or insert hyperlinks to photos to any third party application

Add audio annotation to any image with just a pc microphone

Mark up or red-line images with as many layers as needed to draw attention to anything on the photo

Open multiple cases simultaneously

Adjust thumbnail size

Immediately see all related photo information as soon as a image thumbnail is selected

Create password protected slide show with custom logo that can be viewed without any software & re-size images in order to keep file sizes smaller to play in any web browser

Securely send case photos between locations automatically or manually

Lynx Enterprise is sold with concurrent licenses & can be installed on as many PCs on the network as you like with any level of permissions

Additional users or officers that need to access Lynx simultaneously simply need to buy an additional user license

The client should have control, ownership, flexibility and freedom to make available or restrict "their" digital media

"Our clients should be able to utilize the software from any workstation & be able to use whatever camera, or digital tool they want! We want to provide a program that is easy to implement & independent of hardware. Need to upgrade your camera? No problem. Installing a new server? No problem, that's your choice not ours."

-Robert Adams, President LYNXPM LLC